Sunday, December 25, 2011

eight days of FRIED - day six: Fried pickles and olives

Tonight we didn't make plans before frying, so we went to the fridge for inspiration. There was a jar with one pickle and a jar of olives in the fridge door as well as a bowl of tahini sauce. We sliced up the pickle and dried them and some olives on a paper towel.
We dredged everything in tahini, then coated in plain bread crumbs. A pan of oil was heated to 350 degrees and we began with some pickle slices.

As soon as the water content of the tahini cooked off, the breadcrumbs just fell apart. I am assuming this is because tahini is an oil based sauce. A water based binder will resist mixing with the hot oil, but more oil will not.  The remaining uncooked pickles and olives were dipped in milk and again covered in breadcrumbs.
This time, everything stayed together, browning nicely in the oil.

The result of this night's experiment is some of the most delicious fried food ever made in our house. The pickles are extremely delicious. The tahini flavor is not very strong, but definitely noticeable. You probably have to taste them to understand how well the flavors mix.  The only modification I would recommend is to use Spanish olives which are less salty than kalamata.

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