Sunday, December 25, 2011

eight days of FRIED - day five: Chanukah fried fruitcake

Tonight is Christmas eve. There are a lot of people who celebrate it and we though it fitting to choose something Christmassy so everyone can celebrate together. Tempura fruitcake seemed like a good choice. I like fruitcake, so we always get one at Costco around this time of year. Many people, however, are rumored to really hate fruitcake in any form. They come in festive tins and are endlessly re-gifted.

This year I would advise a different approach. Keep your fruitcake, go look at Martha Stewart's recipe for tempura batter, and deep fry it.

The batter is supposed to be lumpy. Also there is an inch thick slice of fruit cake in there.
There will be a lot of bubbles with this batter. Immediately your kitchen will smell like a Japanese restaurant.With extra batter, we added some fried pecans to the pot, they make a nice snack or garnish.

The tempura batter, as you can see, is very crispy and light.
So, here it is. Tempura fruitcake for Chanukah and Christmas with a garnish of fried pecans. The Kirkland brand cakes use mostly red and green cherries, hence the bright, seasonal cross section. Hope you enjoy. This one really, really is worth at try.

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