About me

I am a young industrial designer, crafter, and blogger interested in making people's everyday lives more enjoyable. Whenever I make something that looks OK, I try to find a way to share that with others so they can try it too. I'm always exploring the idea of personal manufacturing and ways of engaging the user in the making process. 
Footwear is an area that also interests me a lot. I could sketch men's boots all day which is admittedly a bit odd considering my gender. There is just something very beautiful about a product that so often uses traditional simplicity and honest materials to convey luxury. Color and texture are also a part of design which I enjoy. Any product, good or bad, can be transformed by surface treatments and color.

My free time is spent designing knitwear and learning more about textiles.


  1. I appreciate what you do and hope you do well with it!

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  3. Those hotdognuts look delicious!

  4. Hi, wanting to subscribe but am confused ~ is the pattern 'Dandy' knitted bandana scarf that led me to your site I'd like to purchase available now ~ or is it included in the subscription? ...You see, I'd like to knit it now without having to wait for the subscription to take effect. ...THANK YOU!


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