Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Double Box, Tornado, and more Lanyards - Classic Camp Crafts

Once you master the box stitch, you may want to multiply it by adding more colors to make a bigger lanyard. The same thing also works for the barrel stitch.

You may remember from the cobra stitch tutorial that you will need  plain gimp ,  neon, glow, clear, double sided or tie dye, and you can get a better color selection  online .

I also used some deerskin lacing and 3mm curb chain this time.

Remember you can make these as wide as you want, though the below is not recommended...

And now here's how to add the twist:

You can see what it looks like with more strings.

And a little bonus at the end showing you how to make my favorite stitch, the super box, or box 2. It has a really nice feel to it even though it is made of the cheap plastic.

So take a look, and leave some comments if you have questions. The video thing is still new, so be nice.

I got started slow this summer on the camp crafts, but expect more  vidyos next year, and definitely let me know what you want to see or anything you remember from your camp days.


  1. I am so impressed! Yep, made lanyards at camp, but they never looked as ritzy as your leather and metallic one. :)

  2. You Should totally try the nice version. If you can handle the cheap plastic, you'll love it because It is actually easier to tighten evenly, just like the soft paracord.

    (Now I have like 40' of leather strip and chain though, so if you don't want to DIY , you might find these on etsy soon... not sure what else tiny leather is good for. Tassels?)

  3. Where did you get the gold lanyard from?

  4. It's just a "gold" chain from the jewelry section at Michael's, it comes on a spool.

  5. It is a 5 color tornado.
    The one in the video is 3 colors, it has 2 end strings and 4 cross strings.

    To do a 5 color tornado like what I showed, The two end strings are black, then you will have royal blue, light green , light blue, and green strings (2 of each color like where the neon strings are in the video). It is just the same thing as the video with 4 more strings. Does that make sense?


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