Saturday, August 3, 2013

Classic Camp Crafts - Lanyards: the Cobra Stitch

Did you go to camp? I did, and while I was there, I used to spend as much time on the Arts&Crafts shack as possible. We made all sorts of things that were very often useless and ugly, but we also got to do the cool stuff like tie dye, clay pottery, and friendship bracelets. 

Lanyards were not on the list of cool or useful things  that you could make, but they were my favorite.

I made these 2 videos for all the ex campers out there who want to get nostalgic. It's also a great way for parents of kids that do not go to camp to share in the fun.

The first stitch I am teaching is the cobra, you may have experienced it in hemp or more recently paracord. it a extremely versatile, so watch video 1 to learn the stitch.

You will need:
gimp. Plain is ok, but it comes in neon, glow, clear, double sided and tie dye.

HOWEVER, I very much recommend using neon paracord like in the demo because it is easier to work with and very trendy right now.

Part 2 is all about taking that outdated old plastic lanyard and making it cool again. You'll need that gimp, some curb chain, a jump ring, and a clasp.

Let's  face it, the only word that truly describes lanyard making is "dorky," and we want to avoid that. I've done a jewelry piece with it that is nothing like those ugly old things. Really, look!

Have a great August and watch out for more classic camp crafts videos, the box stitch is coming...

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