Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Box and Barrel Lanyards, Classic Camp Crafts

Now, this is the  real classic  lanyard knot, used by sailors to boyscouts.  One of the first things you learn to make as a camper, or at least one of the first things I learned with gimp: the box stitch. 

You may remember from the cobra stitch tutorial that you will need  plain gimp ,  neon, glow, clear, double sided or tie dye, and you can get a better color selection  online .

Still loving that neon paracord though. it is good for everything.

It is a particularly boring stitch, but you have to know it to do the harder stuff. It's coolness also really depends on what materials you use. Paracord is great, I used it to make this video tutorial:

The barrel Is a lot cooler, it can spiral... You'll also learn to end the box stitch in this next vid.
Seeing how good these simple things look in alternative materials is inspiring. think about all the reclaimable trash that you couold turn into a great keychain or bracelet.


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