Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother's day sweater

Last year, for mother's day, I gave my mom sock yarn gradient dyed in her favorite colors.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Connecticut Sheep and Wool festival 2014

Last year, about 2 months after getting into drop spindling, I was able to convince my mom to come with me up to a fiber fair in Vernon CT. This year, it was decided that we are turning this into a tradition. CT is a small state that doesn't quite fit into one cultural region, I live in an NYC suburb, but the upper part of the state has farms, sheep, and Red Sox fans (or so I've heard).

The vendors at the wool festival tend to be from all over New England with a few NY and NJ vendors. It is worth visiting purely because these people are just so incredibly friendly, helpful, and overall amazing. This year's weather wasn't awesome, but the vendors are mostly in 3 barn structures, so rain is not a big issue. My mother took some pictures, I was way too busy shopping and learning about fibers to stop and document.

I got a batt at this stand in wool and firestar. I also picked up a cool one for a friend that couldn't make it to the fair. I am looking for the info on the ladies who made these, it will be posted later.

I saw a friend that I made last year, she owns Blue Button Farm and had these super cute turtles in great colors.

He will show up a lot in the future.

I also got a handspun skein from Leslie Alexander and a ball of babydoll roving from rowanwood farm at the same stand. The roving is extremely springy and soft, perfect for woolen yarn.

Alpaca Obsession had a great selection of blended rovings in all sorts of colors, not all alpaca. I got some of these earth tone bundles.

Last, we stopped at the Ball and Skein stand. They have some of the nicest hand dyed colors I have seen.
My mother got this silk wool blend .

 I got bulky wool for a hat, and some lace weight.
I just can't decide yet if these colors should go together to make a huge cozy merino/silk/cashmere shawl. They are sporty and fun, but I don't know what it would look like yet or if I'd rather use them as separate solids. Input is appreciated.

If you live in the area, next year, check out the fair. It is a great place to meet local farmers, spinners, and dyers Including so many that I didn't take pictures of.

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