Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Urban Turban

So I was shopping at a certain urban clothing store when I saw this turban.

The idea was nice, but there was some bunching in odd places and the price was way off (for an acrylic hat) so I decided to make my own. Now this isn’t an exact copy of their design, it has some improvements to the fitting, a rounder shape, and fewer seams (more than the 6% deviation required by law). It does have the same vintage inspired, updates movie star style though.

Give it a go, the fisherman’s rib is super fast to knit and double thick for warmth.

I’d like to share the pattern, but I also really could use some money. So buy the pattern, make the hat, and help me pay for food/yarn.

Buy it here!Please.

fall on the floor now

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Have you ever written a blog post, then forgotten to hit the publish butten?

Well that's where last week's post went.

I had finished this snowy beret the weekend of the snow storm. The snow storm that came in October, hence the name October Snow.

When my sister asked me to make a hat for this winter, I started thinking about what would look good with her curly chestnut hair. There was a skein of dark green cascade 220 in the yarn stash, and the knitting commenced.

Here are a few shots of the new pattern on, you may notice that the lady in the picture does not have curly chestnut hair. That is because she is not my sister, the model is actually my grandmother.
 You can see that all of the shaping is done with cables.

 This pattern is already in testing and should be finished next week ready. Get it on ravelry.

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