Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Urban Turban

So I was shopping at a certain urban clothing store when I saw this turban.

The idea was nice, but there was some bunching in odd places and the price was way off (for an acrylic hat) so I decided to make my own. Now this isn’t an exact copy of their design, it has some improvements to the fitting, a rounder shape, and fewer seams (more than the 6% deviation required by law). It does have the same vintage inspired, updates movie star style though.

Give it a go, the fisherman’s rib is super fast to knit and double thick for warmth.

I’d like to share the pattern, but I also really could use some money. So buy the pattern, make the hat, and help me pay for food/yarn.

Buy it here!Please.

fall on the floor now


  1. Hi Xandy, I saw this pattern on ravelry, and I can't wait to make it. I, too, saw this hat in an urban store, and I was hoping someone would write a pattern. As soon as I finish up a few other projects, I'm on it!

  2. Hi, I like your hat a lot so yesterday I bought your pattern. I just took a look at it, I have to finish another project before but I can´t wait to start knitting it.
    Thank you!!!
    I love the other hat too, and it looks great in your grandma!


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