Tuesday, December 20, 2011

eight days of FRIED - day one: traditional latkes

Tonight is the first night of chanukah. Many of you know the story of the evil king, the destruction of the temple, the hammers, and the miracle of the 8 days of light. I don't really feel like writing that much, so you can get the holiday info here.

Most american Jews celebrate with the lighting of the chanukiah, the 9 candle menorah, and a few special meals of latkes and maybe a brisket. We eat latkes because the miracle of the oil in the story. Frying things in oil is a really important element of the holiday. Last year, after a meal of latkes and donuts, I decided that the best way to celebrate would be to do the eight days of FRIED.

For each night, I will be making, eating, and sharing a different fried food with you all. Tonight being the first night, I will be sharing my special recipe for the crispiest, most delicious, simple latkes.

You will need:
2 lbs of potatoes
1 onion
1 egg
salt to taste
lemon juice
cooking oil

Peel your potatoes and the onion
Grate the potatoes and the onion
Put an old dishcloth into a bowl and put the grated potatoes and onion on top. Add a few teaspoons of salt and a bit of lemon juice. Mix everything together. The salt will start to pull the moisture out of the potatoes and the lemon juice will keep them from turning brown.

Pour some oil into a pan and turn on the heat, It will take a while for everything to get hot enough for frying.
Roll up the dishcloth and squeeze as much liquid out as you can. When you are done squeezing, transfer the liquid to a small bowl and dump the dry potatoes out of the dishcloth. Add one egg.

The potato liquid should settle quickly, and there will be a sediment of starch. Discard the liquid and add the tablespoon or so of starch to the potato mixture. Stir everything together.

You are now ready to fry. 

Test the oil by putting a small shaving of potato in. If it starts to bubble and turn brown, your oil is hot enough. Form your potato into patties, squeezing out extra liquid.
Put them in the oil.
When they become golden brown, take the latkes out of the oil and put them on a paper (it absorbs some of the oil).

I served mine with sour cream and brisket gravy. My mom had hers with applesauce like most people do. It is not too late to have these for a midnight snack. There are also seven more nights to try these. I promise that after eating these latkes, made with drained potatoes, you will find all others soggy and mushy in comparison.

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  1. happy hanukkah, your latkes are really pretty. I had never had latkes before, but they were awsome!!
    we use yukon gold potatos

    thank you for your recipie ^_^



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