Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chromatic Chrysanthemums

So if you weren't thinking about making a spiky hat for yourself, maybe you will want one now. I made these two examples of chrysanthemum hats using slow gradient and self striping yarn.
There was a sale on Lion Brand Amazing at Michael's this week, so I got a few skeins and made this. The colorway is called Mauna Loa. Someone stopped me on the subway and said it would look great for kids. A kid sized pattern coming soon, and you will be able to make it with only one skein of Amazing. 
And here is a hat made out of one skein of hand dyed Cascade 220. The yarn was originally aqua color which I wasn't really into. I figured out a way to dye a 200 yard gradient that would make a cool hat. If the process is repeatable, I'll be posting a tutorial here. 

I hope this was inspiring for someone and that you will buy my hat pattern. Each sale supports my yarn habit and goes towards yarn for new patterns for you.

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  1. Xandy the hats are GORGEOUS, if I were going to be here in the winter I would definitely want one. Your work is beautiful...


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