Sunday, September 4, 2011


Check out this new pattern which is now in testing stage. Did you ever wonder what would happen if a pair of gloves and a scarf had a child? What would happen if you just reached through your scarf every time your fingers were cold?
Well this is the answer to those questions that you never actually asked.

Doesn't look like much - until you realize what those holes are for. They are for your cold fingers.
So it has a built in glove. Its pretty useful actually. It reminds me of that scene in star wars where Han Solo is frozen in carbonite with his hands and face sticking out.
So yeah, I am looking for some test knitters because I am hoping to eventually sell this pattern for a small price. I'll be needing someone willing to make a man size too.

Also this is my 200th post.Yay.


  1. What if you folded the end of the scarf over and press-studded it to the sides to optionally cover the back of the hand.

  2. hi!
    are you still looking for tester?
    i can try

  3. I am still looking for testers. My email is xandypeters at gmail dot com. If you send me a note, I'll discuss the details with you.

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