Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Feelological Bacterial Growth

 For readers who are not familiar with the ongoing project, Feelology started as my senior thesis project. The goal was to create a set of products which keep us grounded in physical space even when we are preoccupied with our mobile distraction devices. As life moves further from reality and becomes inseparable from the internet and the computer, we cannot forget to satisfy our senses. Life is about more than touching a screen, it is about feeling and being aware of your environment.

Since May, I have been refining the manufacturing process behind the feelology felt rug. The first version was a rectangular shape made only with a felting needle and wool. This new set involves a bit of adhesive, but saves me strained arm muscles and pricked fingers, not to mention about 20 hours of work.
 I made these new floor mats round because the shape works better with the bubble pattern. When choosing a layout, I wanted it to look natural and somewhat random, not arranged. I looked at the growth patterns of bacterial cultures in petri dishes, they tend to grow in clusters and in many cases have very beautiful patterns.
You can see the similarities.

In order to make sure that I can definitely use colors other than white, I made one round with green felt. The color is really close to moss, which makes walking on it a lot like walking barefoot in my backyard. Moss is a very enjoyable texture memory for me.

 So check them both out on etsy, and remember that I am now able to fill custom orders in various colors and sizes up to 5'x8'.

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