Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thank Archizoom

Archizoom Associati Dressing Design, 1972
Photo d'Oliviero Toscani dans le studio des Archizoom Associati
vêtements portés par Dona Jordan et un ami des Archizoom
I would like to thank Archizoom Associatti for this little preview of hipster fashion. I am pretty sure that this is the primary inspiration for the American Apparel leotard revival. I found the information for this picture on another blog which is not written in English but as far as I can tell they have their info correct. I wonder what they have to say about this image.

It makes me laugh to see this man in a pink deep-V body suit wearing a pair of limited edition Chuck Taylors and a cowboy hat. He even has an ironic beard. Have I seen this god among hipsters trolling the Pratt campus?

I wonder if these are thong leotards. The high cut leg holes suggest so.

It bothers me that this may actually be the future of fashion. It also bothers me that American Apparel seems to be more than inspired by early PoMo design.

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