Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hat Challenge - The Sexy Babushka

A while ago I thought of the sexy babushka project and I think I posted about it. Here are the results of my attempt to knit a sexy babushka.

Though it is not quite "sexy" I think that it does a good job at being less grandmothery than most babushkas. It looks good tied in the back too, and it looks ok worn down. Overall, this was a nice exploration of short-row pattern making. The pattern will be available in the next few weeks if there is an interest.

THE CHALLENGE- out sexy my babushka and link to yours.


  1. Was looking for the pattern for the Hat Challenge - The Sexy Babushka

  2. I have already chosen my fall patterns for 2013 and you would think that this would have made it in, but no!!

    It hasn't gotten a huge response and has some not so patternable tricks worked in to the colorwork. I settled (years ago) for learning to write patterns with its easier half sister, the cowl hood.

    Now that I hear that you might want it I t will definitely go on the list. Thank you.

    Your feedback really does help me make decisions and get you what you want.


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