Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hat Challenge - The Silly Balaclava

The challenge was to make the least intimidating balaclava possible.

I came up with this versatile hat/balaclava which can potentially look very silly depending on how it is worn. I have been wanting to make a hat like this for a long time, and have many sketches of the ridiculously long hat with eye holes theme.

So, rate my success. Would you laugh if I tried to rob a bank while wearing this?


  1. you look like Kenny from South Park in that

  2. I think orange may have been a bad color then. Would you wear a pink one?

  3. LOL...if you wanted to rob a bank, I'd choose a slightly more "non-discriptive" hat - something not so easy to pick out in a crowd, KWIM?

  4. Now I am nervous that someone will make one of these and rob a bank and the police will come looking for me!

  5. I rather like balaclavas. Your design's quite good, and the colour seems to suit it. Not silly at all.

    As long as it's made long enough to cover head / neck / face, it will do its job well.

  6. Wish you had a pattern for this. Could come in handy at my work.


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