Sunday, November 27, 2016

Make an extra floofy i-cord pom-pom

This fun loopy pom-pom made from an i-cord is a unique topper for any hat. Instructions are for small 2.25" (5.75 cm) and large 3.25" (8.25 cm) size pom-poms.

The Flower Petal Hat pattern shown above featuring an i-cord puff is available via ravelry or as a kit from MollyGirl Yarn, but in the spirit of the holiday season, I've made a free tutorial for the i- cord pom-pom.

Step 1 

Note: Pom-pom is worked in mini skein of Bass Line from MollyGirl Yarn but any fingering weight yarn will work.

Using #7 needles, cast on 4 sts leaving a generous tail, and begin to work i-cord. (yes, I use an i-cord maker)

When i-cord measures 36 (76)" or 91 (193) cm, cut yarn leaving a generous tail and pull end through all remaining sts to end cord.

Cut a rectangle of cardboard 7 x 3 (5)", 188 x 5 (12.5)cm, this is what you'll wrap the i-cord around to make the pom-pom.

Step 2

Wrap the i-cord tightly around the cardboard 7 (10) times.

Step 3

Tie the string ends together, then pull one string under all the wraps.

Step 4 

Tie the strings again. This holds the cords in place when you remove them from the board.

Step 5 

Remove the bundle from the cardboard. 

Step 6

Look at the loop of cords. Center the place where the strings are tied together.

Step 7

Tie the strings one last time, this time tightly wrapping around the entire bundle. 

Step 8

Puff up the pom pom. It is now ready to sew onto the hat.

Sew the pom pom onto the hat using the remaining length of strings.

 Did I mention the yarn glows under blacklight? 


The hat shown, designed for 4 sizes, is a cute and fun gift knit. The crown shaping is done using the innovative stacked stitch technique, then finished off with this special pom-pom topper. Please consider supporting indie designers and dyers this season by purchasing a hat pattern from me or kit from MollyGirl Yarn.

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