Monday, October 3, 2016

What is an MKAL and what do these letters stand for?

★The Definition★
A Mystery Knit a Long (MKAL) is a knitting project that you take on without knowledge of the end result.
In essence it is an experience where you put all your trust in your guide, the designer, and must enjoy their aesthetic enough to hand over all control as they lead you on a never before traveled journey in yarn.
★The Adventure★
You and your newly formed band of adventuresome knitters generally receive an introduction to the project telling you what materials you will need, but little will be revealed about the project to come. The actual journey is directed by a set of clues, each taking you in a different and sometimes unexpected direction. Some will be easy, some will be hard, and some times you’ll notice experienced knitters helping beginners along in the dedicated MKAL Ravelry forum.
★The Allies on Your Journey★
Yes, MKALs are usually run via the internet so that people from all over the world can contribute to the community with pictures, questions, and advice. It is a group bonding experience, a bit like in your local knitting group existed inside an adventure novel – except it’s slightly less scary and there’s no risk of death.
The Beauty of Variation and Self Expression
By the nature of an MKAL, variety is a large part of the excitement. Sometimes it seems as if no two people enter with the same perspective. Yes, we as knitters and hand crafters have great power to create what we see to be beautiful. Even those who choose similar colors, if used in a different order, will get a different look. This in itself is a reason to join an MKAL.

 ★Join Us★
Why did I write this long explanation of the MKAL experience? Well, because I’m running one right now and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what an MKAL is. Our journey this month will take you through the scenic Hudson Valley and you can find the pattern and sign up via my Ravelry store. We are partnering with Jill Draper Makes Stuff to recommend locally sourced New York State Yarn. The first clue will be sent out to our adventurers on October 14, the first day before the notorious New York State Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck. We would love to see you casting on at the event, or visiting Jill’s open studio event on Saturday night to get your yarn.

We hope to see you in our Ravelry Group and elsewhere.

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