Tuesday, September 9, 2014

So, I make stuff


Not sure if you all noticed, but something changed over the weekend, that's right, it's the name of this blog.

The work is getting to me is now known as So I make stuff.com. I have made the change for a few reasons. Nobody remembered what I was called, the name was so long that it couldn't be used as a twitter handle, and most importantly, I don't talk about homework or work anymore, rather, I show you what fun things I do when I'm not working.

All of the old links will continue to work, the only difference is the name of the website. Over the next few weeks you may see some cosmetic changes, but also a lot more regular updates again.

I'd be attending to such changes now, but I've got deadlines to meet for work first - so yes, it does still get to me.

Thank you for visiting in spite of the construction,

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