Sunday, August 17, 2014

☠ chromatose ☢

I got this yarn on impulse, thinking that maybe it would make a decent sweater. The idea of entirely unique skeins made from mill ends is really wonderful. I want to make a bunch of these just to group skeins into sweaters. I am looking into getting this yarn direct from the mill in Michigan to make some machine knit sweaters for retail!

The result an almost overwhelming dose of color and I love it. Realistically, I'll wear this with jeans, but the crazy pants do look good in the photos. Because of the fitting and nice finishing, it doesn't look too artsy, hippyish or thrown together. Very wearable, depending on how you style it .

After skeining up all the yarn, I made a sketch showing the way that I wanted the color to look. Forgive the odd colors and proportions, I did it in near darkness. It still looks like a sewater, but only because I draw them like all the time.

The fit is very simple. A little bit of negative ease, slight shaping in the waist, and some short rows in the bust to keep any stripes from arching up and giving that "low boob" illusion.

I started knittinga little more than a week ago, this whole thing took only a week. Already I can tell that this is a new favorite. This is some of the best quality merino that I have ever used. It is perfect for sweaters that have a fitted shape and need a lot of elasticity and not a lot of drape. Wearable with only a camisole underneath because of softness..

Here is a close up of some of the more interesting stripes. For the most part, the plies are all the same size, but a few are larger or smaller because it is made of scrap.

I am strongly considering writing up this pattern, all of the numbers are finished for sizes 30-46 with shaping for average bust size bust size. I'd like to write up my version for DD-H as well because so many women need this extra room (mine has it). Maybe even include an H+ version with princess darts, but who knows how many women need that.  It all depends on the response. 

Keep in mind that this can be done half and half in solid colors, in offset self striping yarns, or basically anything that you want to block with a split color on the front panel. It is a versatile layout.

If you have an interest, please comment.

The pattern is like 70% done, written and everything, but I'm not going to spend time on layout and invest in tech editing if nobody takes interest. Maybe I would be looking for test knitters to do up some sweaters in other yarns. This would be so great in a Crazy Zauberball, Noro Silk Garden Sock, or 3-4 colors of Mad Tosh Pashmina among other things.


  1. Wow, I really love this! What an awesome mix of material and intentional design.

  2. Please write it up, I'm loving it!!!


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