Friday, September 19, 2014

Fiber Friday: Wild Knitting, Tattoos, and Fascinating Fashion

Starting this week, I'll be listing my favorite 3 awesome fashion, fiber, and textile links that I found this week.

So here they are -

1. P U G N A T knitwear - These knit pieces are beautifully crafted with incredible garment construction and detailing. The designer's statement on her website really sums up the feeling of the knit garments.

"PUGNAT stands for sophisticated knitwear. Stitch by stitch, row by row, and with 
her unmistakable and poetic sensibility, the designer Antje Pugnat tells a story of feminine beauty and subtle sexiness that is characterized by a passionate spirit, fine artistic craft and an uncompromising dedication to quality."

You'll find a lot of inspiration in these unusually constructed garments.
Nobody does lightweight knitwear like Degen. Love it or hate it, these insane clothes are a unique display of the versatility of knitting.

3. La Maison Bisoux 's  collection of knit themed tattoos. 
I have no idea what she's saying because the blog is in Spanish, she always posts nice pictures though.

That's my week of links, I'd love to see what you've found this week, please do share your fiber links in the comments so we can all see them.
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