Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fox Paws

It is somewhat painful to keep a secret that is very exciting. It is also somewhat painful to be halfway through a project and to find out the burning sensation in your mouth and nose is caused by said project. Today I can gladly announce that Fox Paws, a new flame stitch pattern, is now published after months of secrecy.

In January, I started making a wrap based on on of my Crazy Stripe swatches. It was the most beautiful angora cashmere blend  in my favorite fall colors (or really, all the fall colors at once). You can see it in the picture above, still unfinished because I can no longer touch it. Of course, there are no excuses for missed deadlines, So I started over in an all wool yarn from Knit Picks.

This pattern is intermediate in difficulty, but is recommended for the adventurous because it contains rare incs. and decs. If you have made it's cousin the Petal Cowl you will find this to be slightly more complex. The fabric is stretchy and drapey because of how the colorwork is done. There are no color floats across the back of the work, everything is done using stripes.

Palette is a great yarn to use for a 5 color pattern because it comes in nearly every color. It isn't as soft as cashmere and angora, but overall, it is much less painful than the first yarn. For a low priced wool, it is very soft and neck friendly.

You can imagine the color possibilities. I cannot wait to see what people do with it.

Finished Size: 70 x 20˝ (127 x 43cm) Rectangular.
Yarn: Color A: 1 skein thicket, KnitPicks Palette, 50g (1.76oz), 231 yards (211 meters)
Color B: 1 skein rooibos heather, KnitPicks Palette, 50g (1.76oz), 231 yards (211 meters)
Color C: 1 skein coriander heather, KnitPicks Palette, 50g (1.76oz), 231 yards (211 meters)
Color D: 1 skein serpentine, KnitPicks Palette, 50g (1.76oz), 231 yards (211 meters)
Color E: 1 skein larch heather, KnitPicks Palette, 50g (1.76oz), 231 yards (211 meters)

Needles: Size 6 (4mm) 32˝circular needles, or size needed to obtain gauge.

Gauge: 2 reps x 2 reps in patern = 6 x 7˝ (15 x 18 cm)

Other Materials: Sewing needle, pins, steamer for blocking.

You can find this pattern on ravelry, or buy it here.


  1. This pattern blows my mind! You must finish the one you started, the colors are breathtaking!

  2. I really almost cried over that yarn, it is the best yarn. It makes me SO SICK and I have trouble with this pattern when heavily sedated by benadryl. I need a substitute knitter because one day i will wear this (and probably regret it).

  3. Yes, I think if you're having that much trouble knitting it, you'd likely have it worse wearing it! Maybe you could knit a little swatch and wash it, and see if the washed yarn irritates? I'm so sorry, those are my favorite fall colors too, the yellows and oranges and pinks of maple leaves.

  4. I am irritated worse by unwashed angora and wet angora. Though I don't do well when I rub my face in well cleaned angora, and all I want to do is put my face in it.

  5. I can certainly understand that! Also understand staying away from the pattern while medicated, I can't wrap my head around the steep increases and decreases while clear-headed. It's like a tapestry, just gorgeous.


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