Monday, February 13, 2012

chocolate season

The week leading up to and surrounding Valentine's Day is Chocolate week. I thought that some of you who are making big plans for tomorrow might appreciate a really easy dessert (or appetizer) which is a sweet twist on the classic idea of cheese and crackers. For a limited time, you can find these chocolate pretzel inspired fudge covered Ritz crackers.
 I also got some of this nice French processed dessert cheese called gourmandise. It is available in cherry and walnut flavor. Though the flavors are associated with sweetness, there are no sweeteners added to the cheese, making it an interesting savory treat or the perfect complement to desert.
 If you like Chocolate and walnut flavors (or cherry) this is a really great dessert, or a great appetizer for an all chocolate meal. All you have to do is slice the cheese and put it on the crackers.
Chocolate crackers with walnut cheese, yes.

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