Monday, February 27, 2012

Wool Chukka Slippers

The goal of this project was to make myself a pair of (red and white) wool slippers that could be worn around the house and sometimes outside. They would be pretty close to a shoe construction, having a sewn upper with laces and all, but would not require lasting before soling. It was important to use materials and tools from around the house in order to avoid spending a lot of money.

The other goal was to provide some good instructions on how to make a unisex looking house shoe with a real leather or rubber sole.

So here you can see me modeling my new shoes. I thought it would be really funny to make my shadow look like a windsock man but keep my feet really still. The resulting GIF hangs over my layout on the left and looks bizarrely 3D because of the slight shifting of the camera, but it makes me very happy.

I'm showing you this second GIF so that you forget about that whole instructions thing for now. When I went to put all the images together, there turned out to be a lot more steps than I could edit,explain, and post tonight. Because of the 20 or so small simple steps to make these slippers (compared to the 120+ for a pair of handmade pumps) instructions will follow in a series of installations over the next few weeks starting with pattern making.


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