Thursday, July 2, 2015

New Jersey Dyer Profiles: Nooch Fiber

This is Mariana and Nick of Nooch Fiber.

Q. Can you share a little about your business and how you got started?
A. Nooch Fiber started because I was looking for an apartment-friendly way to explore color: I had just finished up a double major in studio art and psychology.  Having moved to New York City for grad school that wasn’t related to art, I quickly found that tiny apartments do no lend themselves to smelly oil paints and huge canvasses.  I had been an avid knitter for years, but had never gotten the idea to dye yarn before moving to NYC - I had previously been pouring all of her creative energies into painting and drawing!  I started off with food colors and, after some successful attempts, moved on to professional dyes and yarn bases.

Q.What about your yarns, colors, or dye process sets you apart?
A. I like to apply my knowledge of color theory and my artistic sensibility to every yarn I create.  Each skein is its own small artwork!  True to my painting background, all Nooch Fiber yarns are dyed one at a time in a small dyeing pot.  This means that all skeins are one of a kind.  Although I can produce the same colorway multiple times, each skein will have its own personality.

Q.What inspires your colors?
A. My color choices are inspired by my abstract painting background

I just like to have fun and experiment!

Q.Do you craft with your own yarns?
A. Yes.

Q. What is your personal favorite yarn to work with and why?
A. I love all of our sock yarns!  One of my main goals when choosing yarns to stock is that they be versatile – all of our fingering and sock yarns work well for several different projects.  I really enjoy mixing different bases and colors to create interesting looks.  These are some of my favorite projects I’ve made with my own yarn:

Nooch Fiber is one of the NJ based  dyers Featured in Jersey shore knits.
They created a beautiful colorway to reflect the colors of the ocean for the Atlantic Ocean Cowl

The color way is called O Trem Azul, named for this song :
You can get this special colorway in the Nooch Fiber Store.

You can find Nooch Fiber's yarns in thee online stores – or

Their yars are also carried in the following stores –
New Jersey: Chelsea Yarns (Colts Neck)
Do Ewe Knit (Westfield)
New York: Knitty City (New York City)
Pennsylvania: Conversational Threads (Emmaus)
Main Street Yarn (Rebersburg)

All images provided by Nooch Fiber.

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