Saturday, October 29, 2011

potato snack tasting: Spanish Tomato Tango

This next flavor of chips is Spanish Tomato Tango produced by Lays in India. I got them at Patel Brother's supermarket. My expectations were pretty low when I got these, but they are much better than the Masala flavor. They are still a lot greasier than what I'm used to, but the flavor is really good. Lightly spiced katsup is the best way to describe it. Prawn cocktail being my favorite flavor, I am very pleased with the stronger and more complex tomato flavor.
A glance at the ingredients reveals that there are a variety of spices in the seasoning that make it really tasty, like cinnamon, capsacum, and ginger. Cinnamon, Brilliant!

I'm not sure where else you can get these, but I know I'll be going back to Patel Bros for more

Next I'll be reviewing Walker's Cheese and Onion Crisps.

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