Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Time

It's time for me to post something, I try really hard to do so every week at least, but there inst much to say. The last week has brought a whole lot of changes.

I left my internship to look for permanent work. I plan on taking those two days a week that I had been dedicating to work and using them to learn either java or processing. Being able to even poorly sketch working interfaces is an important skill in the future.

On Wednesday my father became ill and had to go into the hospital. He'll be having a procedure to fix some of his heart trouble in just a few hours. Things kind of stop when there are emergencies like that, and that is the reason for a lack of postworthy events.

The only noteworthy event is the commencement of the knitting of my first sweater pattern. It is a cropped style with set in sleeves and possibly some text on the front. The Red Heart Super Saver hot pink dayglow yarn ($8.60 for a sweater) is super tacky and creates the need for some sort of symbol that shows the world that I'm aware of the ugliness of the sweater. I might just write UGH on it because that is what people will say when they see it.

OK then, posting duties fulfilled. Time to get ready to knit my way through the wait at the hospital.

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