Thursday, July 1, 2010

Birthday Present for the Roommate

I got a package today from HereInSmallTownUSA, a fellow Etsy seller and friend whom I met in chat. Her shop is mostly full of creatively preserved dead things, perfect gifts for anyone who is curious about taxidermy, biology, or snakes. I ordered a skunk skull, paired with some feather earrings and a set of five vertebrae as a birthday present for my roommate.
The skunk skull is cute, I got the one on the right. It maybe 3" long, and fits nicely in my hand. The vertebrae are super cool, and really interesting. They fit together and move as they would in the snake. They are also a great value for such a unique and interesting set of bones. They are still available in her shop, and would make some really awesome kinetic jewelry. In fact, they are so cool that I am keeping a set of two for myself.


  1. I used to make jewelry out of snake vertebrae. I love working with them. Try incorporating them into something of yours! BTW I was thinking of asking you how to go about designing something today so e-mail me if you can.

  2. Why am I having so much trouble finding your email address. Can I still contact you through the school address that my mother has?


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