Friday, July 16, 2010

Many more uses for plastidip

There was a lot of rubber left over from painting the soles on my shoes. I used it to make a few other things.

I dipped an old set of fake pearls in the rubber, and they turned out well. I made a few more out of some other fake pearls that i had around the house.

These thinner strands came out pretty nicely, have already turned them into longer necklaces.
I dipped the rings from my old Pretty Pretty Princess game in the rubber, and the black ring came out nicely.
I also dipped one of my heels, I think these shoes are a lot more interesting now.

More to come later


  1. TOOL Dip? Check out Matt Long's work (specifically his tool dipped tea cups)

  2. I love those multiple pearl strands!

  3. Thanks for the link, I had never seen those cups and saucers. tool dip is definitely one of my favorite materials to play with. I wonder how safe it is to drink tea out of?


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