Friday, June 4, 2010

One More Way to Recycle a Vinyl Record

There are record bowls, record cuffs, record swirls, laser cur records, record purses, and a lot more stuff made out of old records. Yet, never before (or at least not on the internet) has anyone made a fortune cookie out of an old lp.

A year ago, my grandparents decided to get rid of a bunch of records, many of which were scratched beyond use. I kept the unplayables so that I could make crafts. The problem is that  record bowls and clocks are really kitschy and can only be used sparingly in any non music themed home.

And so I began experimenting. 

I have two sized of scratched records, lps and 45s. The 45s are particularly annoying because the centers are thick and melt at a slower rate than the rest of the record. After a few failed attempts to make huge fortune cookies out of the 45s, I decided to cut an lp into smaller pieces. As it turned out, the fortne cookies made from the lp are exactly the same size as real fortune cookies. The 45s make perfect tiny fortune cookies that look great as jewelry.

I strung some up and put them on etsy and made a few key chains too.


  1. Your mom talked to me about these today I was intrigued! It was so great to hear about your creative adventures too. Checking out etsy.

  2. Brilliant! I love the idea of black fortune cookies. :)


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