Monday, June 7, 2010

Good Fortune

I am off to the post office to send my first TWO etsy sales. Momentum 8 studio was kind enough to trade a new wallet for some industrial felt. I have needed a better wallet for a while now, and he gave me the perfect one. Pictures will be posted when it is received.

Then out of nowhere, last night I got a convo from  Momentum 8 studio congratulating me on my second sale. A lady bought a fortune cookie pendant from me. It was so exciting.

I wrapped the felt up in an odd triangular box, it isnt pretty, but it is a hard shape to accomodate so it will have to be ok. The fortune cookie is safely packed in a tiny box. I was so happy to send it off that I drew a little chinese food container card to hold it. I hope that it arrives safely.

At like 11:00 I noticed that something was missing again in my shop. A friend was kind enough to buy a fortune cookie pendant as well as a key chain.

It is very nice to know that I did something right this time. There are three people who are happy to have something that was made by me. That is pretty cool.

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