Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring sale

I'm having a 50% off sale on 4 of my favorite spring friendly designs in my ravelry store. Easy is a kids and adult shrug that's super simple to make (one piece, 2 seams). Midnight blazer is my spring workwear, it is warm enough to wear as a coat when spring weather isn't quite here and it is perfect for over air conditioned offices. It also takes a weekend to make. Drop top is a basic cotton sweater with a modern drop sleeve and shaping in the shoulders. Finally, Spellbound is my personal favorite. I wear this crop top everywhere, it works for the day, the night, the beach, or anywhere. It also includes a non cropped version for those who aren't into the cropped trend.

There's really something for everyone here including the kids, so check it out. Remember to use coupon code spring14 when you check out. I'm going to go get more yarn to make another spellbound now, periwinkle or hot pink?

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