Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I ordered a pound of 64 count merino top from Paradise Fibers with the intention of spinning the yarn for a sweater. It is extremely soft, white, clean, and easy to spin. The only problem is that I'm not good enough yet to spin it thicker than this.

This is the single ply.

And this is the ribbed swatch knit from the 3 plied yarn on #2 needles.

With about 1.25 oz spun, it isn't looking like the best thing for a sweater. Maybe in the future when I can get it up to a fingering weight.

For now, a scarf seems like a good little project.


  1. To spin thicker yarn, you'll need a heavier spindle. Spindles 21-22 grams or less are generally for spinning lace and fingering weight yarn. For a 2-ply worsted weight yarn, you'll need a spindle that weighs around 1.7 - 2 ounces (48 - 56 g). Maybe a little heavier since you've been spinning so finely. Good luck!

  2. The spindle is 35 g, I think it's a drafting thing though. I'm practicing thicker singles with coarser fiber on the same spindle and it takes practice. It just feels unnatural.

  3. wow!!! I would love if my yarn turns out to thin!!! :-) my is more bulky... and I'm trying to get thin yarn but it only works for a short time and then i have yarn bubble...
    i think i have to try some other wool..


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