Sunday, June 3, 2012

Midnight Curry

I am not a big fan of daylight, you may notice that usually my posts go up around 3-4 AM. It can make eating kind of tricky because I'm not usually awake during grocery store hours. Left in the middle of the night with limited ingredients, an excess of frozen IKEA meatballs, and a coconut craving, some strange things happen.

To make IKEA Coconut Curry you will need:
2 cubes or packets of Japanese style curry
 300ml water OR the amount of water in the box's instructions
1/3 cup of Baker's sweetened Angel Flake coconut
12 frozen IKEA meatballs

Start by heating the meatballs according to the instructions on the package (4 min in the microwave).

Combine the water, coconut, and curry cubes in a pot over high-medium heat.

While the curry mix is coming to a boil, quarter the meatballs. For maximum fun, use scissors.

When the sauce starts to thicken, add the meatballs.

Serve over rice garnished with some shredded coconut, flavor improves with some fridge time. This will make about 4 servings.

There are no pictures of the cooking process because it was dark when I made it, but this is my leftovers lunch. I'm not a huge fan of the well-done, ground beef flavor of the meatballs unseasoned and so letting the flavors blend overnight and mellow a bit made this recipe a lot better. Adding coconut to basic curry makes it sweeter and less like the usual cheap boxed curry.

If you are daring, bored, or ever wondered what the food tastes like on the show CHOPPED, you might want to try this out.

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