Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's time we Met

For those of you who live near the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the phrase is familiar. The ad campaign from 2009-10 showed people and art from the collection interacting. I'm a little late on my entry, but here it is.
Notice anything? I have heard that fans of Harry Potter wear robes to book signings, Trekkies wear uniforms to cons, and sports fans obviously wear team colors for their outings. When I heard that Carlton was on display, I just had to go see it (him?), and when I went to see it, I had to wear my fan sweater.

This is me emulating the cantilevered shelves. I tried to think of a more clever pose but couldn't. Anyhow, by taking this cheesy picture, I can ensure that the internet knows that I'm a big enough designerd to dress up for museum trips.

extra nerd cred for anyone who outdoes me by wearing the infamous Eames leg brace to somewhere showing or selling bent ply furniture.

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