Friday, October 4, 2013

Makeover / How to add social media buttons to your blog

If you stop by every once in a while , you may have noticed that I've added a bit of color to the site just to brighten things up. For some reason I'm in a cyan tangerine mood these days. It seems to fit things better than grey and rust.

You might also see a few changes to the sidebar... there's a new thing that people are doing on their blogs: putting little coordinated sets of images that link to their social media sites. Adding these icons totally cleaned up my sidebar and decluttered, I recommend it highly. 

social media icon buttons for facebook youtube etsy flickr googleplus pinterest ravelry rss twitter bloglovin

When I went to find a nice set of icons, I found that a lot of the glossy, super 3d styles were going to overpower my simple new look. So I made this set of icons that are reasonably understated. Keeping the colored icons on the grey background creates a neutral buffer between any brand colors and background colors to limit the clash factor as well.

social media icon button for facebook social media icon button for youtube social media icon button for etsy social media icon button for flickr social media icon button for googleplus
social media icon button for pinterest social media icon button for ravelry social media icon button for rss social media icon button for twitter social media icon button for bloglovin

Size shown in top image

icons are tailored for craft bloggers and include images for:
RSS frrd

I hope these fit your needs, I don't intend to make more in this style unless my needs change, but feel free to write in with suggestions. I may make more sets in the future.

Ok, so how to use these...

Upload these images to a host site, they will then have a URL for you to copy.

Write out the code below , but put the image URL where the purple is and copy and paste a link to your site where the green is. There should be '' marks around both.
how to install social media iconsThis should get you started. If it gives you trouble, leave a comment and we can work on getting it done.


  1. Thanks a lot, I'll definitely look into doing this.

  2. It may be a fad, but it is so great not to have that jumble of affiliated content in the sidebar.

  3. Thanaa' Ra'ifah MarounOctober 8, 2013 at 1:20 AM

    When I was trying to add ravelry icon to my icon, it won't work from certain browsers.. I have re installed it and still it not performing well..


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