Thursday, September 26, 2013


grid plastic canvas bracelet black white

A few weeks ago, I picked up a few sheets of plastic canvas at the store because I had seen a runway show that used it as jewelry. I never remembered the show, but thought that it might be fun to play around with as a material. Using the plastic alone is kind of the opposite look of kitschy needlepoint, those bracelets will be posted next week and begin the same way, so keep reading even if you aren't into grids.

grid plastic canvas bracelet black white scissors hairdryer rubberband

You will need:

Plastic canvas  (it comes in lots of colors)
A hairdryer with a high heat setting
A rubberband
A chopstick or skewer

grid plastic canvas measure white

 Measure the amount of material needed to fit around your wrist, and add 2". this it the length of your bracelet.

Choose a width, it is your choice entirely. Cut the plastic and make sure the edge is smooth.

grid plastic canvas bracelet rolling

grid plastic canvas bracelet banding white

Tightly roll then band the canvas.

grid plastic canvas bracelet on chopstick

Put the roll om the chopstick.

hairdryer heat setting

Turn the hairdryer to the highest setting. A heat gun may work, but may be too hot.

hairdryer heat plastic canvas roll
Heat the roll evenly for 2 minutes, it should be hot to the touch. Do not take the rubber band off before the roll is cool.

grid plastic canvas bracelet black white

When it cools off, the canvas should retain its shape.

grid plastic canvas bracelet black white

It will curl onto your wrist kind of like a slap bracelet.

grid plastic canvas bracelet black white

So have fun making some grid cuffs and look out for another post with some needlepoint bracelets.


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