Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Spinning Color Dash Yarn

One of my first realizations about spinning was that it gives you total control to make any type of yarn you can think of.

For a really long time, one of my goals has been to find a kind of variegated yarn that only has a few dashes of bright color and will never pool. I also do not like hand painted yarns as much as those with fibers spun after dying.

So I set out to make my own method of a color burst yarn, and came up with a formula for spinning 2 fibers together using joins and then chain plying in a deliberate way. The result is exactly what I wanted, so I made some videos to share the process with other spinners who may want to use the same formula.

Part one covers the singles

and the second part explains plying, which is easy, but has a certain trick to it that really makes the yarn.

I'm really into how the end product looks in this scarf, but also into this swatch of a solid fiber base with multi color dashes of color.

So much versatility.

I cant wait to make more and to see your projects if you decide to try it out !!

Remember there's still a week left in the Tour de Fleece.


  1. Cool idea! I've thought about doing something similar but with long stripes of colors instead. So tempted to run down to the shop for some fiber.

  2. Wait, you live near a fiber store? That is so dangerous.

  3. Several. At least one sells fiber and I'm not sure about the others.

  4. That's awesome! My great aunt has been spinning for as long as I can remember with wool from her own sheep :)

  5. That's great that she goes all the way through the process. It is just so interesting to see the amount of time that must go into a piece of cloth. It's a lot of work to get to that haircut before the yarn can start to be spun. Most people don't even think about it.

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