Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Drop Top

I just finished making this pattern for this drop sleeve sweater. Most knitters aren't too into drop sleeves because of the overly simple shape and associations with oversized '80s sweaters, but they are really popular this year with high end brands. After seeing skinny armed sweaters everywhere, I decided to try making one out of some orange cotton leftover from a failed sweater.

It is my new summer favorite, even though the weather hasn't even changed yet. The body is oversized, hiding any areas of self consciousness that you may have. Those with a well defined waist can tuck it into their pants to show their shape. It doesn't add bulk to your silhouette like most slouchy sweaters because the sleeves fit your arms and the scoop neck shows off your collarbones.

I'm not at all broad shouldered person, but the seaming visually evens out bottom heavy people like me by drawing the eye up and to the shoulders. The shoulders actually have shaping to keep your dropped sleeves from making your shoulders look like they're melting.

I used Debbie Bliss Cotton DK, which is somewhere between a DK and worsted weight. Cotton is relatively cheap, and I'm very curious about the use of Sugar'n Cream / Peaches & Creme yarn in this gauge. They might make a really nice substitute for under $20. The size small only took me about 12 hours to knit, and required very little attention during the body section.

This pattern is currently free for those willing to test. If you're interested in testing, you can contact me via this thread in the Ravelry forum Free Pattern Testers group.

This pattern is currently for sale in my ravelry shop, CHECK IT!


  1. OH I am loathing myself for having college finals so soon!! This is such a beautiful pattern if I didn't have finals and portfolio submitions,I would love to do it......maybe next time :(
    when it is a finished pattern I would love to purchase it

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. LOVE this! Am willing to purchase when it becomes available.


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