Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What I did over winter break...

Here it is, my post-post-modern masterpiece of a sweater. The original pattern is adapted from the 1987 holiday issue of vogue knitting and the chart is based on the Carlton shelf designed by Ettore Sottsass in 1981.
I do not know what Ettore would say about this, but underneath the picture of Carlton in Barbara Radice's 1984 book about Memphis it says this:
"... 'My idea,' -said Keawe- 'is to have a beautiful house and garden on the Kona Coast, where I was born, the sun shining in at the door, flowers in the garden, glass in the windows, pictures on the walls and toys and fine carpets on the tables, for all the world like the house I was in this day - only a storey higher, and with balconies all about like the king's palace; and to live there without care and make merry with my friends and relatives.' ... " 
I hope that was enlightening.

Anyway, below is the stitch chart in case anyone is interested in making a Carlton sweater of their own, but I doubt that there are many knitting designerds out there that enjoy Memphis that much.

Have fun with this chart- it would make a nice pillow or something...


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